Advantages of Spinal Cord Stimulation

New advances in the technology of Spinal Cord Stimulation have changed the way pain physicians are able to treat chronic nerve pain symptoms.  There are many advantages to Spinal Cord Stimulation to treat patients suffering from severe, chronic nerve pain.  These advantages include:
  • A 3-5 day trial period allowing the patient to test the device and decide if it provides significant improvement to their functionality, before committing to the permanent implant.
  • There are few side effects and is reversible.
  • The Stimulator is customized to the individual patient’s pain pattern.
  • The ability to re-program as the patient’s pain pattern changes over time.
  • Allows for decreased opioid dependency, improve sleep, and enhances overall quality of living.
  • Permanent implantation is minimally invasive, with a significantly less recovery time than major spinal surgery.
  • A representative is always available for questions and concerns, both during the trial period, as well as after the permanent implant.
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