Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequent questions that we get about SCS therapy. If you don't see your question here then you can ask us directly using the link here.

Will my insurance company cover treatment?

Yes. Most insurance companies cover this treatment for post-laminectomy syndrome, complex regional pain syndrome, diabetic painful neuropathy.

Is the SCS Trial as effective as an implanted device?

Yes. The goal for the stimulator trial is to assess pain relief and improvement to functionality. We are looking for 50% or greater improvement. If the trial was successful, then the permanent implant should be successful as well.

Can I receive an MRI Scan?

Yes these devices are now MRI compatible. We make sure that we choose the correct device for specific medical conditions that may need further imaging.

Will I need another surgery to replace SCS stimulator?

Devices with rechargeable batteries that are at the end of their service life will send an alert that a replacement is needed. The device will still work during this time, but it is time to contact your doctor get a replacement.

Can I control the stimulation?

Yes, the stimulator can controlled by the patient using a programmer that acts as a remote control.

Can I travel or move to another part of they country?

Yes, you can travel and move to another part of the country. We utilize international companies and have customer service reps throughout the country.

How do I recharge the device?

The devices have rechargeable battery as well as non rechargeable options.

The rechargeable battery has an external charger that the patient wears around their waist. And to charge the device.

Do I need a psych evaluation to proceed?

Once a patient has been identified for an SCS trial, then next step is to obtain authorization from the insurance company. This authorization process may require a psychiatric evaluation, which we can facilitate.

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